Clean Up! & Jude Chapter 9

Well, we’re still in the process of cleaning up after everything that’s happened. And a lot has happened! I’ll give more details … More

MM25: Wow.

Wow. It’s all I can say right now, after everything that has happened. It’s going to take us a year … More

MM23: The Snotty Garlic

Well. It’s official. Rafe, Travis, and Marc are all aliens. And Houghton and Luc are in bed together. The Snotty Garlic struck … More

MM: 22 Keeping on!

Well, not much to say. It’s been months since I even thought about blogging. But I’ve been kept very busy. … More

MM 18: Overwhelmed.

So much has happened I don’t even know where to begin. It’s just too much, after everything that happened with … More

MM17: Worried…

Ari, Jilly, and Lacy showed up tonight. Something was bothering them but none of them would tell me what it … More

MM 16: Value Today

There really isn’t much to say tonight. We’re all exhausted after everything that has happened in Value. I haven’t told … More

MM14: I Scared Him…

I scared him. Houghton found me curled up in my office at almost six tonight. I could tell by the … More